Black/Purple Fuji "Bike"

Hi all.

2013 had me take up a new hobby, so I successfully commandeered M@lew’s old bike and started riding.
My first fixie. I have absolutely no knowledge about bikes, so I’m out to learn as much as I can.

There are some changed parts to the bike. But since I don’t know what they are named, you guys can have fun with the picture below and help me name some.

Matt, when you find this thread. Please kindly post up what my bike has that’s not stock. See if you can beat everyone else to it. :slight_smile:

That bike looks familiar!


2012 Fuji Classic 52cm

Sugino 44T Chainring + 17T Cog, 16T Freewheel

Front Wheel - White Velocity Deep V

Rear Wheel - Black Velocity B43

Pedals - Fyxation Mesa with Hold Fast Straps

looks nice. how do you find riding fixed ?

Zen, connected, at one with the bike…

FFS are we really going ask this question on FOA?

chill dude. I was asking how HE liked riding fixed. He mentioned he was just starting out. What else are forums like this for other than to converse about each others bikes/experience

Yeah I wish i was connected and at one with the bike, its a slow moving relationship atm, we’re just getting to know each other.

Had a stumble yesterday trying to dismount, biggest noob moment; foot got stuck in the straps. Never had to use straps before.

But bottom line is, I find it fun. Time will tell :slight_smile:

Nice , you could probably get away with taking a link or two Out of the chain and slamming the rear wheel into the drops more, nice and tight!!

M@lew and I tried out the Blackburn Velodrome yesterday.
Was fun going around the banking, definitely need to find out what all the lines mean.

Shot this little time lapse over an hour.


This was nice.

That was nice. Made me want to go ride track too.

We did the MS Melbourne cycle on Sunday.
Decent course, they could fix up some of the bottle-necking that was going on but overall it was quite enjoyable.

I had the GoPro on my helmet and here’s some of the footage majorly slimmed down from 2hrs to 4mins, enjoy.

I recon every time I go into Saint Cloud I either say or am thinking how much I like those stock fuji’s.

simple fun.

I loved my Fuji Track. Simple fun indeed.