Black Sheriff Star hubs, ending very soon!

Campagnolo C Record track hubs Star Sheriff.32H.Pista.Fixed.New.TITANIUM AXLES | eBay

Titanium axles and ano has been sanded off on one side. $500. Nah, I think I’ll leave it thanks.

legit question: what’s the problem with titanium? I remember reading that ti bb spindles were crappy but don’t remember why

Crime against humanity,

Only a guess, but with the original anodizing gone I’d speculate that these may have had broken/cracked flanges, had them welded back up again, and anodized black so to cover up the possible slight colour variance.

As mentioned, just speculation. Not sure why anyone would piss away money and time by modifying these hubs … unless they were broken and had nothing to lose. Seen it done before.

probably not. anodising generally doesn’t work well over welded joints it comes out pale, uneven and discoloured
unless that’s why there is an anodising free section?

I reckon reason is pretty simple. The owner decided that they wanted shiny silver hubs and began to remove the anodising but found that, A) that its a lot of work, and B) that they are pretty damn rare and valueable and they should really just STOP! What a fucking idiot.

you 100% on this?

ive seen anodizing over repairs before (there is a chrome/brass/ano/powdercoat business in my family) and it is pretty obvious

to do an invisible repair on a flange of this type of hub (ie small) and get the ano correct would be very very difficult and massively time consuming

anyway after you get them refinished properly you would be better off buying some NOS for $$, would be cheaper

pretty sure someone who re-anodized wouldn’t go into the details of the pantos around the grease hole. I’d say factory black, polished for stupidity.

there were some dodgy arse repro looking boys on ebay ages ago…