Black Visp

Frame & Fork - VISP 58cm
Wheels - Halo Rear, Sun Front, Zaffiro Pro’s
Headset - Cane Creek
Stem - WTB
Handlebars - Cut Down WTB, Charge Grips
Saddle - Charge Bucket
Brakes - Goldfinger & Miche Caliper
Drive Train - Pake cranks & Dura-Ace (46/16), YBN chain
Pedals & Clips - DMR V8, BO Strap On’s arriving today

nice clean build. i do like the plain black/white combo you’ve done.

Nice build. I always like VISP regardless of what most of the people have said about the frames. But not a big fan of high rise stem…

not bad man
one of the better visp builds i have seen
not sure about the stem though

definitely chasing a new stem and bars, these were left over from a MTB upgrade.

Have to cut down the fork tube just a bit as well.

Nice build, it looks clean. White accessories are bling as. Where’d you take the pic?

Invisible brake cable!!!1!1!!!

invert the stem and it will give a better look and more aggressive handling

i’ve already asked in the wanted section but since its been brought up does anyone have (or know of) a cheap stem with rise like this one so that i can try the abovementioned inverting?

Pic was taken on an abandoned road near my house.

Still haven’t attached the brake cable, I’ve misplaced it.

Might give the stem a flip this arvo, see how it goes.

Nice Colour Combo, Agree the flipped stem will look heaps better

Seat angle looks naff.Flip the stem.
Visp frames are awesome value if Ally is your thing.Mine was great, but I had a CF fork which helped out too.

stem flipped, brake sorted, BO straps attached.

rides very nice now, will get some fresh photos this weekend.

The saddle looks a tiny bit weird. I don’t think you’ve positioned it correctly or something like that…

love it, im planing on putting somthing similar together
thanks for the inspiration