Blast the phuckers

I got this link sent through to me from believe it or not, someone from the victorian magistrates court.

Shall I order a few boxes???

I’d buy one, at least it wont kill anyone (U LOCK)

When they say the other stuff, “…is a marshmallow gun by comparison.”, you gotta want it. Just the thing for those middle aged ladies on hybrids that wheelsuck on the bike paths.

EDIT* They also have RAPHA gloves at (a more realistic) 1/2 price.

From the review:

Kimber refers to it as a “non-lethal weapon”,

Kimber’s website actually refers to it as “less-lethal”. There are numerous cases of pepper spray causing death due to an allergic reaction from anaphylactic shock.

It does sound pretty neat though (from a technical point of view). Other than the whole potential-to-kill-a-certain-percentage-of-the-population aspect, of course. I can imagine that it would cause a few riders to act like cockheads though, knowing that they have a weapon in their pocket.

I was talking to a an american guy the other week week about bears while cycling or hiking. Sounds pretty scary. Thank god all we have is brown snakes, red backs and drop bears.

YOu forgot the hoop snakes.

Ah, no time for that shit… give me one of these and we’ll dance!

That’s pretty F*cked up you can go out and buy that sorta stuff. Dam sepo’s.

funny thing about pepper spray

if someone’s in the middle of a psychotic (or ice-fuelled) rage it tends to do, well, bugger all

and if they’re asthmatic it might kill them (respiratory failure / heart attack etc)

anyone who is both asthmatic and has a history of mental illness, take heart: if the cops pepper spray you, it may either have no effect other than piss you off, or kill you. An uncertainty principle in handy spray form!

And apparently some small percentage of people are immune to its effects. Same people that eat chillis by the bucketload.

There’s an awesome vid of a 16-yo girl and a 25-yo 200lb ex-con getting peppersprayed… the guy goes down HARD but the girl is unaffected. 20 Internets if someone can find it.

I put some pepper spray on a slice of pizza once. Wasn’t very good.

Strictly for huntin’

if i buy one of those pepper things, is that illegal?

northcote bowl shooting. :frowning:
I thought cops carried telescopic truncheons too. if there were three of them there, surely they could have ‘subdued’ him in a more traditional fashion…

(his mother) “… has pleaded with people to show restraint in commenting on the events leading up to Tyler’s death.” ← noted.


if you were in the position of the cops, youd shoot him too.

not saying he deserved a bullet just saying

I don’t think there is any way you can justify shooting a 15 year old kid.

Thoughts go out to the family.

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