blender / food processor

Ok food nerds I need some help,

We are on the hunt for a do it all device to fix all our ails…

It needs to do smoothies well, as well as blend up roast veges to puree, make pesto, choc balls etc.

If the same device can also slice and dice vegies (we cook in bulk) we are on a winner.

I have a kitchenaid food processor: <-same as this
I’ve used it for chopping up veggies in bulk quickly to make soups, making short crust pastry, making lemon curd and making cashew ‘milk’
As for puree, while there’s videos and info saying the multi purpose blade will puree, i doubt it’ll do as good a job as a vitamix or optimum or some other decent blender. When i did the cashew milks, even though the nuts are soaked overnight, there is still a fair bit of chunky stuff left over after a decent amount of time in the processor.

That being said, it was pretty good and i doubt a blender is going to do slice/dice like a food processor can.

There’s a few Thermomix owners on here, they go alright.

I have a nutri bullet. Not really good at the dicing side of things… it pretty much liquefies everything, or turns it to dust. I like it.

+1 for the nutribullet.

But definitely don’t exceed the max fill line…I learnt that lesson the hard way.

Yeah, I have one. They are pretty good. I have seen the vitamix in action too and its also a solid bit of kit. Ask your friends if they have either of these and see if you can test it out.

We’ve had our thermomix nearly two and a half years and it gets used more than once a day most days. Definitely worth the investment.

We have that one that’s about $30 from Big W.
She makes insane smoothies, well worth it.