Hello all.
Just a quick note (from the airport) to say farewell as I jet back home to London.
Been great meeting and knowing you although I only made a few meets. (I blame the booze)
Thanks for all the knowledge/help/foolishness, I will be keeping tabs on the Melb fixers from afar. Tried to make the track meet but Le Pomme is one nut short at the mo.

Anyway, the ken is wrapped up for winter and I’ll post pics of whatever steed I manage to concoct in the UK.

Thanks again for the fun.


Good to have briefly meet you Joel,

keep us informed of what’s going on with riding in the Uk… (and see if the rumour of one of the Aussie boy’s using a fixed gear for the London Prologue of the “Tour” is true…? I think that was Stue’ie a year or so ago, but he may try again… or I may be wrong…!) definitely let us know of any good deal’s worth importing to Oz… and if I ever get organised enough I may even get back to Blighty one day for a ride too…