Blog recommendations

Looking at starting a blog as I’ll be doing a bit of travelling in the next few months, anyone got any recommendations for blog sites that are easy to setup/update.

It’d be really handy if they were easy to upload photo’s as well.

And I mean proper easy. I’m an actual idiot when it comes to anything to do with computers.

From what I’ve seen, a lot of people start with something like blogspot/blogger, then eventually move to wordpress or something a bit more customisable.
If it’s just a personal blog, then blogspot would work fine I reckon.

while it’s mosty full of 16 year old girls posting pictures of vegan cupcakes and whimsical photos of water, Tumblr is actually pretty handy for the traveling thing - There’s an iphone app for it too which makes it pretty straight forward for posting on the fly.

Just start a thread here and treat it like a blog.

That way, 10 years down the track when you’re a mutli-national CEO or politician and come to realize that you’re embarrassed about the frank confessions you made, the suspect pictures you posted and how some of your posts might bring you undone then the Mooderators™ here will have a chance at making some really fat $'s editing and deleting your posts, and the site owner can buy a small Island in the Pacific.

win/win no?

is this how your blog started chaz?? :wink:

He’ll deny it, but thankfully the internet has a memory:

I used to have a livejournal account, but after a brief revisit it seems the only people using that site anymore are sex pests and russian brides looking for “love”.

Does anyone still use Livejournal?

i have a blog where i keep a synopsis of all the things i read. mainly work related.
one of my students even copied/pasted a bit for a weekly assignment.


also i was once linked from another site. that excited me for a little while.

Stop using the internet against me, otherwise I’ll kick you in the hip.

Every once in a while. Most of my lj friends went to greener pastures once it was sold to the Ruskies. The people who wanted to keep using the paradigm migrated over to Dreamwidth.

do it for nick j!

Maybe we should start a “How big (little?) is your penis??? Post a pic !!!” thread. That’s bound to be a money spinner in both the short and long term :wink:

i am also net-tarded but recently started a tumblr and it’s incredibly easy to use.

yes. obese transsexual goths still use LJ

do you work at monash?
a friend of mine who tutors architecture at monash was telling me this happened to her colleague :smiley:

ianhuman wins at the internet. That is all


i’m guessing it was jacqui. it was her student who i tutored the semester before.
pretty much the most awesome thing to happen in my tutoring life

Let’s not forget this one from the early days of s/f/s/m.

Why he felt he needed to wear a helmet whilst observing cupcakes, I’ll never know.

a bit of spare time ryan?

Little bit, yeah.

this thread will now exist as a good reminder not to piss ryan off.

i like it.

there should be a ryan hanging shit on as many forum members as possible thread while he’s laid up in bed.