Blonde Ambition

in the movie “blonde ambition”, which is on GO! right now, Jessica Simpson is working as a bike messenger. it is awesome.

Blonde Ambition Trailer

so are you actually watching this film? or did you just flick past it?

oh, i’m watching it. i have a refined taste for terrible movies.

she was riding a seven singlespeed mountain bike. it was fucking sweet.

this is possibly the worst movie i have ever seen. i can’t look away.

why willie nelson… why?

seems rachael leigh cook is a bike messenger in this, and was a computer nerd in antitrust.

seems like a good mix for a fixie forumers fantasy

and she turned out so hot after her makeover in She’s All That and won Freddie Prinze Jr’s heart

Tax problems (ie: too busy gettin’ stoned to pay taxes)

She was hot before the makeover!

yeah, but y’know, it was so much more obvious when she wasn’t wearing denim overalls and daggy glasses.