Blood Donation and racing

ah man, all the good stuff has dead stuff in it…

If by pop-eye food you’re referring to spinach know that it actually contains a compound (oxalic acid) that binds to iron and thus inhibits the intake of iron so is not a good source at all. Beans are the fucking shiz for iron as a vego.

Guinness isn’t particularly high in iron, so you would need to drink a lot of it to restore your iron levels…which isn’t a bad thing.

Boost Your Iron Intake

2-10% absorption… just eat more. or add vitamin C it seems.

this is a common misconception. a lot of people who think they cant donate, actually can.

a lot of the questions simply mean they look for certain things, or are aware of potential issues.

but of course, its easier to say ‘oh, i cant donate’*.

*this isnt to say that your medication isnt relevant to your donating, its just i hear the excuse a fair bit and when pressed the reason is something that isnt valid anymore or isnt true.

i can’t give blood because i have low blood pressure and i pass out and then they freak out.

in bad cases even a blood sample is enough to make me almost give in.

makes standing up quickly dangerous.

i’ve always thought i was ineligible to donate blood due to living in ireland between 1980-1996 (which is convenient cause i’m so scared of needles), but i just went on and there’s no mention of ireland, just the UK. I wonder if that makes me eligible now? i realllllly hope not.

united kingdom means ireland

I wonder how accurately the blood bank adhere to this diagram give that the mad cow meat probably went lots of other places outside the magic UK circle?

Ireland is not part of the UK.

Yeh, it seems strange that Ireland isn’t mentioned, they certainly weren’t exempt from mad cow disease. I’ll call the red cross tomorrow and find out.

this thread, suddenly makes me want to defrost and cook a steak- as poor taste as that is. I use to donate blood til I had a bad experience once and blacked out a couple of times afterwards etc and therefore do not do it any more. Sometimes I want to, use to give me a great feeling, but my diet isn’t at it’s optimum any more and with the travel I do, I don’t think i’m up to it anymore. Hopefully one day I man up and donate again :slight_smile:

Didn’t we ban evil genius for perpetuating untrue myths? Wanna do some research, fella?

Yep, true Brendan.

I only mentioned vegetarianism because if i had eaten poorly the day of my donation, it certainly wouldn’t of helped.

But, hell, in terms of not eating meat, I’ve never felt better.

In any case, I cancelled my appointment, not for good, but i figured i would do it in a few weeks to coincide with an easy week.

Thanks guys.

this is also spurious

also, i used to donate blood, hell i even tried to give my friend who was dying of renal failure a kidney…
then years later i discovered recreational droogs

i just called the red cross, seems the Republic of Ireland is ok, Northern Ireland is not. Bizarre.

Anyway, looks like I have no excuse anymore.

incidentally, i’m not able to give blood for a similar reason - ie, i was in the UK when mad cow was happening.

you know, despite the fact that i was vegan at the time - and still am - and could have in no way contracted mad cow.

rules is rules.

I have given on and off for years, but just stymied occasionally by the exemptions regarding tattoos etc.

I did give one morning and went out and played sport in the arvo, when I got home I collapsed and it felt like I’d been hit by a truck!

That explains a few things…

…can I pull out SNFU ‘Don’t Have The Cow’ again?

Unless the method’s changed, Guinness is fined with isinglass.

Truth as of Jan this year.