Bloody cheap Zzzzzzipps!

Zipp 404 wheels | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Logan Area - Shailer Park | 1045905973

Dunno enough about Zipps to know if they are genuine or not, but for $200 they’d be worth checking out.

dont look legit to me

They might be legit? Hubs definitely look to be Zipp and as for the rims maybe it’s just the older non dimpled version.

Looks like old Zipp hubs. Decals ain’t original. Sidewalls are alloy and probably flogged out hence the selling price.

Yeah, they are the 82/182 hubs. I would say legit, but flogged.

Haven’t seen Zipps with that type of carbon, and decals def not OG, hubs maybe but seen other hubs that look like that

I’ve worked on some similar, if so the worst zipps ever made

This. Zipp hubs from that era were pretty shit, and those braking surfaces look well-chewed.

so perfect for re-lacing with disk hubs for CX then :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope because the shit spoke count will make it a pain plus they are shit

So shit hubs, shit rims… whatabout the spokes?

sarchasm :stuck_out_tongue:

bloke said he put new stickers on coz the wheel was flogged. seemed to be gone now.

So some lucky punter picked up a flogged, possibly fake copy, of a shitty Zipp wheelset.
Bargain hey?