Blue Makino

this here is my sky blue Makino, havent completed the build just yet need to finish off a few bits and pieces but thought i would pop it up for you all to see so far.

Makino 58.5 c-c seat/ 57 c-c top tube
Sugino 75 cranks polished / fyxomatosis chain ring polished
Nitto technomic stem / B123 drops
Hatta swan deluxe headset
Hatta swan BB
MKS sylvan pedals/ shitty straps at the minute
Velocity deep v’s
SR seat post (to be replaced)
Fizik arione saddle (to be replaced)

Very classy build! I’d love a Makino of my own, perhaps in the near future. Can I ask where you got your frame from?

thanks man, its amazing to ride! I picked it up on ebay from a guy in Japan.

if your in sydney you should check out Deus ex machina, they got some gorgeous NJS frames in at the moment

Nice. Makino’s are rad.

lovely looking bike mate

i dig the colours man, nice job

Do you live in Sydney, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you riding down Crown St before?

Yeah that would be me for sure, i live in surry hills

Sweet as I’ll give you a yell next time

are u gonna be Mashin’ it with no brakes? ( probably won’t be able due to the laws)

I think you’ll find a lot of people on here ride brakeless.

and ask dumb questions to get their post count up… :wink:

I nominate J B for honourary Trading Access priviledges.


J_B is truly honoured, if only for the nominations! :smiley:

Such a thing as thirded???

Cause its really startin to annoy me and others by the looks