Blue Mountains Classic

The route will be along the lines of this: Springwood New South Wales to Springwood New South Wales - Google Maps
Although there are alot of B-Roads we can take to stay off the freeway. The more dangerous part of the ride is the 2nd half down the Bells Line of Rd, Its only 1 lane and alot of the time there’s no shoulder, so if we do this on the return leg, its mostly downhill and our avg speeds will be higher.

Total distance is around 140-150kms depending on final route.

I grew up in Winmalee, and my parents are still there, so we can park and set off from there (or Springwood station if you want to get the train), have lunch at one of the pubs in the upper mountains, and then have some beers afterwards at the local pub in Winmalee or Springwood.

Does one of the days in the easter weekend suit? I’m off between the 20th April and the 1st of may inclusive, so anytime within those dates suites me.

To use a word that is thrown around all to often… EPIC!

From someone who has driven both roads, but especially Bells, all to often, this is not a ride to be taken lightly, and as it will be over the Easter/Anzac weekend there will be some heavy traffic trying to get over the mountains.

As for me, I’ll have already left Sydney for a week or two, so wont be making the trip, but all the best to those that do…

Oh yeah, and the fucking HILLS!!!.. Have fun

Dates can be moved around, no dramas there. 7th May could be good?

And yeah, wont be an easy ride.

I’m off the bike for the next little while, so I’m out unfortunately. But yeh, looks like a killer ride.

What did you do HM?

Definitely an epic ride - I don’t think I’m up to finishing this given I haven’t been out riding much. It’s been more than a month and I still haven’t looked like investigating the clicking and creaking issues on my bikes.

Add 10 ks and it’s an imperial century.

I’m interested. I’ll look at my time-table.

Yep, I’m keen!

Wow t3z, that means crossing the harbour bridge, you down with that???

Brings back memories of the day you came to my place when we did the Galston ride, you got out of the car and looked around in amazement… Like, you guys have power out here now!!

Great idea. I’m keen, but will be out of Sydney for the Easter long weekend and also the 6th/7th of May. That leaves the 1st of May for me. Will stay tuned.

Lock it in Eddie.

holy shit… i am assuming yous will be doing this geared? also i would do the back way from hazo/lawson to wentworthfalls as that part of the hghwy is all one lane and shit crazy especially with traffic (semis w/ trailors) i came back down using the back way and it was locals only and nice, but as i have no geared bikes i dont think i could do it fixed. nice ride though will def have fitness enough on my side soon. Will stay posted may borrow my dads pony 14spd mbk ugly 80’s colours i will come out and do drinks on the highway and cheer all on if i dont make it.

I can do the 1st of May.

I have to go over the bridge??? Shiz, gonna need a passport!! Actually, looking forward to some different rides and terrain.

I think we should get this off the ground. Maybe do it a little later though, like June, it can be a ‘Winter classic’?

I’m not sure about Bells line of road though. I don’t know what it is like it, but I keep hearing that it is narrow with high speed traffic.

David noble’s rides seem to be as old as the internet, but there are some interesting ideas for routes in there (they are not all for mountain bikes).

Jenolan Caves ride by marcusenno at Garmin Connect - Details

marcus did this ride over easter, 7 degrees, rain and on a loaded touring bike that wouldn’t shift into the smallest gear in the front

That looks good.