Godawful pic stolen from IG …and remember, loose is fast.

This frame popped up in Brisvegas just before x-mas. I put in minimum bid to remove the BIN option and ended up winning it.
Cue #foamafia link-up. Danye had some spare time before moving to Melb, so he went out, picked it up and delivered it to Gypsy for packing and shipping. 72hrs from auction end it was in my office waiting to be taken home.

Since then it has sat in the corner while my track career was put on hold (due to laziness and impending babydom/fatherhood).

With a lazy weekend looming, I put the idea in my head earlier in the week. This morning I went and picked up some nice beer to keep myself motivated, and set about stripping down the things i needed from #ThePateriot to complete the build for the re-imagining of my track career.

Built up for its photoshoot in matchy-match, but the zipp/disco will be used down on the boards.

#JimBundy 55sq frame and fork, refurbished by the man himself.
Nitto cockpit; full DA drivetrain; 7710 hubs mavic rims and vittoria tubbies.

Better pic ruined by indoor flash:

Front End:

Looking Back:

From Behind:

The Pateriot:

And lastly, why it’s called the Blundy:
Link only cos kinda NSFW. Happy for admin to remove if anyone doesn’t like it.


was this the one amishf posted in the eBay section? good pickup, I even contemplated hitting the BIN at $600 from memory. I got quite excited.

looks the goods, hopefully we’ll be able to race each other at DISC one of these days…

That’s rad Tate. Looks like a damn nice bike and sounds like you got a steal. Win!

Re Blundy - did Lol. And that bar tape - positively x-rated.

do like

so, the re-imagining of my track career didn’t go as planned. took my wife and I five months to work out that we can both still do the things we want/use to do before Turtle arrived. chopping and changing what i do depending on Kate’s schedule means footy is out for the moment and biek racing is back in.

tracked down a reasonably priced #alterofthegods stem and two altergirl pin-ups for it, Omnomnom’s and stock BB, straight silver thomson and a lay-back black one, 26.0 deda drops from x-campbell, 2x grips from saintclovd to go on them and some other B123’s from RagyJr.

i snapped a seatpost bolt on my first tuesday night back, spent the rest of the night fuming in the stands. removed the zipp/disc combo the next week to replace tubs/artwork (disc designs still in the pipeline, along with getting a male pin-up printed to replace one of the altergirls). otherwise it’s been all sunshine and rainbows. head is feeling much better, legs are working wonderfully, so much so that i’ll be back in C the week after. gearing down and having one last week in D to work on my spin.

currently has the B123’s with white soyo long grips, phil to MSW silver deepv on the front and generic hub to NMSW aqua rear deepv. the deda’s have 4mm champ grips in red sparkle.

pic stolen from instagram, i love the chain reflection:

Noice oh very noice

My track ‘career’ so far has only been a couple Saturday afternoons on a loaner bike. Then I had to choose between track or crits, and I chose crits. But that was enough to give me the buzz so I’m not losing hope…

[SIZE=2]Holy variable build batman![/SIZE]