BMX brakes on a fixie

is there a reason i should use road levers?

And to what extent can i use BMX parts?

Would BMX U-brakes fit on a 10-15+ year old* road frame?


Use road levers if you want. I don’t know why you ‘should’.

I’ve got BMX mini-Vs on my SSCX with Cane Creek aero levers and they work great.

What’s a 10-15+ road frame?

By U brakes you mean like Dia-compe 990’s? You need mounting bosses for those. Just use a standard single bolt calliper and you’ll be fine.

Also curious what a 10-15+ is :?

10 to 15 years old maybe? :expressionless:

the only “fixie” frames i know of that take U or 990 mount BMX brakes are the MKE bruiser and ALL CITY dropout :wink:

Yeah, sorry i forgot to put in years


you can also get centre mount ubrakes (they use an adaptor plate).
any reason you want to run ubrakes?