BMX Flatland contest at Summer Hill on Saturday

Hey guys,

There’s a BMX flatland contest going down at Summer Hill skatepark this weekend - Inner-west Sydney next to Newtown.

It would be really cool if all you fixed freestyle guys showed up to hang out and ride too. We’ll be there from 12pm until the lights go off at 10:30pm. Should be a rad day.

Three classes in the flatland comp:


Other events going on too for non-flatland riders:

Best street move on the flat.
Best trick on the rail (we’re bringing a portable rail down to spice the skatepark up a bit).

Good tunes
Good crew

Here’s the flyer.

As extra incentive to show - The first guy to show up on a fixie and do a trick will get a mad prize from Skingrowsback. Something so cutting edge it isn’t even on the website yet! Haha!!! I’m serious though.

First trick of the day on a fixie = Win a prize from skingrowsback

Will be there for certainly. (It’s Harry by the way).

Any hints for what the cutting edge prize is?

It will change your relationship with your Iphone.

Here’s a Google map of the location.

Let it be known that summer hill is the best skatepark in the world.

You get minus points for not coming on your BMX…

Here’s a basic itinerary for the day that is subject to whimsical changes as standard:

12pm riders arrive. Open jam and registration.
2pm Flatland: Basic class contest
3pm Flatand: Advanced and Pro qualifications
4pm Best street line on the chessboard / Best trick on the rail / Highest hop
5pm flatland: Top 4 battle finals (Advanced and Pro classes)
6pm Open jam until the lights go out!

Join the Facebook group for further radness or check this events page!

What counts as a trick? Trackstand? No hands trackstand? Backwards circle?

maybe pulling a trick as in performing a sexual favour?

I might enter… I can do amazing forwards circles, AND ride in a straight line! Not many hipster fixie kids can do that!!

Failing that I’ll come and drink beer on the sidelines like a boss.

I guess anything other than riding forwards with both hands on the bar counts as a trick in my books.

See you there!