bmx gyros

ahoy there chaps and chapettes
has anyone thought of putting one their fixie?
Ive been toying with the idea of using one, it would allow for barspins and youd still be able to keep your front brake. Ive no idea if they’d even fit but im sure the knowledge banks here might know. Below is a pic of what im talking about. I used to call them rotornecks when i was a kid

Why don’t you just feed the brake cable down through the top plate of your headset and pull it out of the bottom of the fork? (that’s the way I see most bmx front brakes set up, gyros usually for rear brakes)

The final evolution of the trick bike to a BMX.

Its all backwards

well that actually makes sense and i shall give it a try, thanks

I think you need a star nut for that to feed the cable though, and I dont think it would work with a calliper brakes because there isn’t enough room between the wheel and the cable would go everywhere, get a front disc :wink:
but i’m not 100% sure. good luck

barspinz for dayyyyzz

This is the best option, but as stated you would need a ahead top cap that lets insert a cable down into it , but also still elt you adjust it.
I assume the brake wouldnt work too well because there would be a large amount of cable and its not a very direct route for it to travel. I know alot of front brake running bmxers have issues setting up their front brake because of the issues with cables.
You would also have clearance issues when it comes through the bottom of hte fork, unless you’re running a fork with huge clearances, the cable is going to rub on the top of the tyre when it leaves the steerer tube.

Cutter FBM Sword with a disc brake, cable through stem.


although no “fixed gear” rigid style forks have disk brake mounts - that i have seen, except for the gangster fork( disk or canti mounts are an option)

so you are still left having to use heavy mtb rigids :frowning:

Couldn’t you run a 29er fork though?

yeh but id say it will still be heavies than most of the fixed gear designed forks, and a 29" fork, will probably have more asstocunt than the “FFS” forks, thus slackening the HTA.

  • i am too lazy to google some 29" forks and check out their A2C to confirm/deny this :smiley:

Oh okay.

I have no idea about any trick stuff, and can’t even wheelie, so I’m just searching out pics.

Carry on.

no biggie, perhaps im into it a bit much?

Thats SICK, id so rock that shit.

OH My, discs. this is fantastic. looks to solve the brakes and barspins issue as welll as epic endo’s.

BMXers are going brakeless and fixt kids are jumping on the disk brake bandwagon.

geekhouse track forks are available with disk or canti mounts. i’ve drooled over the idea of one for several months

Like how ages ago when you saw a couriers fixie and thought - no brakes? Track bike? On the street? - whack!

And now you ride one…

Dude, that is HUGE.

i was toying with the idea of this a while ago, it would probably work better then running it down, wouldnt it… purely because theres less cable to run, meaning more efficiency?