BMX stem with Riser bars

I have a old BMX stem laying around, and am intending to use it on my Scrambler which is being built at the moment.
What are some 22.2mm bars on the market that will suit? Currently looking at the HiTech ones from gear for 25. Any reviews on these bars?
Any suggestions would be appreciated

try the tricks section. or y’know google it, there’s plenty of info on fixed freestyle setups these days

I think Nitto risers will fit

Nah man, nitto is 25.4. BMX shit is 22.2.

you can fit any kind of bars you want in there, as long as it’s 22.2 clamp

have a look here, some mtb bars have a diameter of 22.2mm

MTB Riser Bars | Buy Now at

yeh i learnt the hard way i got told nitto bars would fit my animal bmx stem. waste of money

Thanks for your help guys, decided on the AtomLab risers for $35 shipped
How long does shipping usually take from CRC?


Just wait and see and next time post this in the HELP section.

Volume Trickster and Hipster bars are 22.2 not cheap but are great bars!