BNE 'Come and Try' Track day 17th Sept

This sunday from 8am will be the final ‘come and try’ track day, and a mock carnival will be put on for all wanting to have a crack.

So far we have “In the Pink, Fryshaun, MickeyD and Rhino” all going to be there. Chandler track will be open from 7:50am or something and the racing will go until around 10:30.

I should have 2 sets of spares wheels, lots of cogs and chainrings so we will be nicely supported with spares. Rumour is there also might be a Zipp 404 and a Mavic G3 tri-spoke rear as well…



Get there…

Get into it…

I hope it will be followed with either of numerous coffees or beers! :smiley:

There has been talk of that, and confirmation will come later in the week :smiley:

Mad keen. Was planning on making an appearance yesterday but the rock and roll lifestyle caught up with me and I couldn’t get my fat arse out of bed after a gig on Satdy night.

Straight to bed after the show this Saturday (Hello. I’m Johnny Cash) will see me there for sure.


TTT…awesome, do make it out.

I think I have some stickers ( to hand out as well.