BNE Fixed Freestyle Sessions

Fixed Freestyle Sessions

Where: Starting from GearBrisbane Wednesday @ 6pm (So Erik can come if he wants)

Who: Anyone who wants to muck around on there fixie.

when i lived in milton last year i rode the stadium every night and practice tricks. im defs down, but not this week

Fuck’n tricks. Need to organize a Friday traffic mash.

fuckin masher traffic kids :roll:


nah ill be there :slight_smile: got a couple of new tricks im working on :wink:

lochy, you better be there it would be really cool if we could get a good group of riders turning up every week or 2, like the “peel sessions” john prolly organises over in NY…

i also think for those who can, dirrrty man beards must be grown for said tuesday night gatherings…

EDIT, i was just thinking dan, generally i think the term “mashing” reffers to blasting through traffic? we dont want homo traffic mashers rocking up :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I was going to put up “City Sessions”… buts its on the fridge of the city in milton. My bad.

thats cool, as long as skippy dosnt come :stuck_out_tongue:

we’re not racist or anything… :smiley:

Get a bmx and be done with it.
I’m gonna come down and heckle to keep things interesting.

Yeah I’m thinking the same… given that my coordination and balance is shithouse it’s about all I think I can add.

Sorry but I can’t make it tonight guys, got a sore throat and thus can’t heckle very effectively.

sweet session! Attended by gypsy, nath(prolly), dave and the man of the moment bender. Well bender was there momentarily to show us his trademark stack over the bars. Cheers guys. JUST A HEADS UP. My uni time table just changed, so the milton mashups will be on wednesday now if that is okay. I am away next week so you can all have fun without me :slight_smile:

is 6pm too early for a… what is it again?

i say we make it weekly,

for all those who are interested in tricks etc,

even if its just wanna learn basics like track stands, backwards circles, skids anything!
all the way to no handed wheelies and (ilove)prolly spins…

i think i will rock up bout 630 from now on as well, its really nice riding there as the sun is going down.

tuesdays are out for me.

So is it on for Wednesday night then? I was thinking of going straight from work (UQ), or could even meet up at Gear beforehand (wouldn’t mind smashing up Highgate Hill for old times sake :-D).

I’m keen to learn some shit… but I’m pretty chockers every afternoon. I guess i’ll just have to learn from Nath on sunday arvo’s.

^ tis fine with me…

see ya’ll there tomorrow night, iv got a new trick to bust out :sunglasses:

dont think ill be able to make it tonight guys, been pretty crook all day :frowning:

have fun without me!

Anyone else coming?

I’m leaving home now (be there in a bit under half an hour). If anyone else is there I’ll stick around, otherwise I’ll be kicking on back home.

Yo Folks… I is back in town now. Tasmania was so gay, wouldnt go back unless i have to with rowing haha. Havent ridden my bike in 2 weeks. So i am keen for this week session… WEDNESDAY NITE, SUNCORP, 6PM

Peace :mrgreen: