BNE birthday thingo 18/11.

WTF are we doing for this guys!?!?!?!?!

I have some better street gearing options available to me now so lets work something out and do it.
Cruisey FIXED ride is a definite followed by coffee, beers, food, beers and a good lie down (probably in this order).

I’ll be in CNS, so no show from me.

OK, we’re riding from the Goodwill bridge, Sunday 0700, for a casual loop somewhere/anywhere, maybe a bit of skills stuff and coffee/beer/bullshit to follow

there won’t be a cake, unless someone’s keeping secrets; dress-up, party hats, balloons and whistles optional

Done, I am there.

No cake, but a cheap bottle of champers might be there…

Blakey is off hugging an oil-rig, but that leaves pretty much everyone else around. Not sure of the ‘record’ number of riders that has showed to a ride, but from all the verbal ‘oks’ this looks to be huge.

The more the merrier, and we can all discuss the upcoming HOUR. I have a few ideas, and the decision has been made that we are going to do it right once.

Look forward to seeing all those that I haven’t seen for a while…

I am there running 43/16 so hopefully my thighs wont explode when stopping/slowing.
Mmmmmmmm caaaaake!!!

If anyone has a 3/32" 17 or 18 tooth sprocket for a formual hub , I hope they can bring it for a quick sale…running brakless now and am feeling it when pulling up…Cheers and see you in the am

Seven out for the ride, with a little froth to follow

Assualt’s Peugeot, rogaine’s GEFSCO, Littlewheelsandbig’s Moulton, Rhino’s “Colnago”, Inthepink’s Pinkarello, TR’s van Werkhoven, Crashdummy’s Mondonico

And, for those who wish they were there - Happy Birthday!!

Great ride this AM.
Had me guessing where the hell we were every step of the way.
Managed to do just about everthing in my first post including the good lie down.
Lamb roast and a few glasses of vino is going to be the crowning golry to it all.

What a good way to spend our birthday. 7 likely lads turned up for a roll, with 3 appologies for non-attendance.


  • 4 of us all rolling brakeless…a challenge in BNE.
  • Gettting taught track skills by littlewheelsandBig along the footpaths…
  • Traffic Light Trackstands…
  • Six of us not having a clue where we where…
  • Drinking beers at 9am by the river…
  • In the Pinks jersey…
  • A certain lad having a ‘special lay-down’ in the middle of the road

3 Special Mentions…

1). Thanks LittlewheelsandBig for shouting all of us beers.
2). TR/In the Pink for smashing 3 beers each
3). The rollerblader that crashed right in front of me on my way home, sending me to the grass for some ‘quiet time’…

Thanks Guys!

i’d like to formally add my apologies. tube disasters at 6.45 a.m. on Sun morn set the tone for the rest of the day.

Yes another thanks from me and sorry that I could not return the favour for a coffee this time. Next time it will be my pleasure.

My pleasure. If I had have brought more $ with me and was not driving home I would have made that 4, 5, maybe more.
Amazing how well they went down for 9am.