(BNE) Fixies Fixies everywhere

Has anyone else in Bris noticed a marked increase in the number if fixies around the city in recent weeks?

I think i’ve spotted 5 previously unknown bikes or riders in the last week alone.

white track bike with risers
black pake ridden by not previously seen courier
hot girl on fixed (didn’t notice the bike for the v-short denim cut-offs and great legs)
and 2 more I can’t recal details of.

I haven’t been to TTTs monday ride/beers yet other fixed group rides lately so don’t know if the’ve made themselves known.

Good to see more fixies, i should be at the ride next monday, i think, work is like that at the moment

TTT’s mondays…yes, must attend.

white bike with risers is a visiting messenger from perth, friend of Karl’s (winner of the first TTT).

black Pake is karl.

girl is a visiting messenger from seattle called… crap i forget, i was too busy looking at legs and trying not pant from catching her. she can motor.

most of us can be found during the day at post office square at the racks on the right, opposite side of the steps from the fruit van.
if we’re not on runs, or hiding in the pub.

There is also a Lager (yes Lager, not Langster) and a Hillbrick that I know of, both with Flip Flop fixed/SS hubs.
Also, I am in th eprocess of building up an SS roadie for a mate that I am hoping will end up fixed.

pretty sure the langster belongs to rob (who you’ll probably meet on monday). yet another messenger, this time part time as he’s a vannie most of the time.

no idea about the lager. don’t think they are a mess here.

Soma Delancey spotted this morning.
Fixed, with brakes; C-Record(?) seatpost.
Previously seen this guy on a red fixie.
He likes the messenger look while riding but I have also seen him at Merlo drinking coffee in a very nice looking suit.

Also spotted Lupine on what appeared to be a new frame?!?!?
That was me on the roadie that said g’day this morning.

the yellow frame is one i got off TTT ages ago.
it’s been round town so much it knows it’s own way to places now.
what i really need now are a set of straight leg carbon forks, in 1" with a decent length steerer, preferably aluminum.
ah well, i’ll keep looking.