[BNE] Mid-week fix - Thurs

Hi all…

Doesn’t look like theres been much going on for brissie… so I decided I should kick off a semi-regular ride… Thursday mornings at the QUT end of the goodwill bridge… 5.30am or so for an early cruise and maybe a bite to eat/drink…
Nothing to strenuous, just an easy roll around to get some fresh air.

And the Melbournites reckon 7:30 is early.

Should be good, and for the melb set, remember no daylight saving, suns up by 5.

How long are you looking at? 1 hr means go home then work, 2 hrs and straight to work.

[quote="snowflake "]

And the Melbournites reckon 7:30 is early.
[/quote]7:30 is stupid. 5:30 is stupider.

yeh, good move, we need some discipline, but …

at the risk of being branded a woos (sp??) i’m gunna suggest 0600 will get a better turnout, well to get it straight would suit me better, leaving home before 5 is a bit of a stretch!!

further we should lock in a sat/sun time rather than the mail loop and who turns up, turns up and leave it at that

my vote is for two set fixed ride times any/every week - 0600 weekday (personally prefer wed to thur, but that’s to suit another deal!) & 0700 either sat or sun - and see how we go. there’s always the FFFFFF ride to follow around too!!

Sorry but my week days are already tied up between playing Mr Mom 2 mornings a week and my regular Wednesday and Friday roadie rides. I am afraid being up at 4.30am 3 days in a row so that I can get into the city for a ride is out of the question.

Happy to be involved on a Sunday ride perhaps but much more than that will be stretching the friendship with Mrs TR. Also somewhere in here I need to slot in some time on the MTB. :roll:

Was there a fixed ride this mornnig? I passed about 6 fixies (in 2 different groups) at the UQ. No familiar faces, but I think there are a few members I’ve not yet met.

I can’t commit to a regular fixed ride sorry. But would be keen to come along when I can.

Sounds good,
6am start this thursday… probably only an hour or so depending on who turns up,
then change it to 6am wednesday mornings for the weeks after… and perhaps a regular sunday ride too.

Deadlytreaddly, No ride that was organised through here, although I have seen quite a few more fixies out and about in brissie… spotted someone on a white fixie with a pannier rack belting through that park near RBH the other night… I was on my DH bike though so didn’t feel like chasing to see who it was :roll:

So who’s up for this week? Unfortunately I can’t make it :x a early start at work… should be sweet for next week though. Anyone keen for a weekend blast on Saturday?

Any fixed rides going on in Bris over the Easter break? Seems like the Brisbane contingent has gone MIA over the last few months. :?

Well … each Wed - 0600 and Sun - 0700, when I’m in town and in the mood, I cruise through the meet point, don’t expect any different this weekend.

Then its a lone, or lone + 1, wander somewhere to a coffee shop.

PM me your contact details if you’re in town.

Should be there on the Van Fluorenstein tomorrow Pete.

I am a late scratching, apologies. Will be out Monday instead, same time, same place.

Oh well, looks like it is just In the Pink and I then.

Well In the Pink and I got out for a cruise up to Newstead House and then back through to West End again and finishing off with coffee at South Bank.

No sign of JDB?!?!

Wondering if what BrisVegas is missing is a touch of the amber nectar…
so I will be at QUT end of Goodwill Bridge at 6pm on Wednesday for a social ‘over the hump’ ride, followed by beer at a local hostelry…Belgian Beer Cafe / Story Bridge sound good to me. Anybody interested , just turn up after work…Cheers , In the Pink…
To avoid confusion…the pink bike finally died, so I am ’ onthe whiteHillbrick’

if someone will remind me, i’ll join you after work.
i finish around 1730, so i’ll wander down and say hi.
but someone will have to remind me or i’ll go auto-pilot and head home.
see you there.

Unfortunately, out of town Wed evening - next time


The Pinkarello will have a descendant to carry the torch as the mixte’s finally go in for powder tomorrow. Not full on pink, but one will have a pink hubgear wheelset and other bits.

Week days are no good for me.
Hopefully see you Sunday if my back decides to co-operate.