[BNE] Midnight Century

The Midnight Century is in a fortnight but I am unable to attach the flyer to this post, despite the pdf being on 68 KB. Any idea why?

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Don’t worry about the flyer. What are the details?


Start at Brothers Leagues Club Ipswich this Saturday night 23:59 and ride 100 miles to finish around 08:00 Sunday morning. Be at the start at least 30 minutes beforehand. Route is Ipswich, Rosewood, Laidley, Forest Hill (rest stop), Coominya, Fernvale (rest stop), Glamorganvale, Marburg, Rosewood, Ipswich. Only a couple of worthwhile hills.

You can get the train out to/from Booval station (about 2 km away) and ditch the car entirely.

Cost is $30 to $35 (depending on Audax Australia membership) including 2 rest stops with plenty of food and espresso coffee, toilets at all stops, showers at the finish (bring your own towel, soap, change of clothes, etc) and a cooked breakfast.

Tell me at least a couple of days that you will be before the start, line entries will cost you a fiver more (buying extra worthwhile food after midnight is not easy).

You need 2 x lightsets (2 x front and 2 x rear) and a reflective vest/bandolier.

Has it frightened all of you off?

Nah, not frightened, just out of town next weekend :cry:

Have fun and watch out for drunk country boys in utes.

Well you missed a good ride, no rain, no problems, happy riders. We’ll see if I run it again next year.