[BNE] Polo exhibition 5/1/2010 @ Chandler Velodrome

Hey guys, I thought I’d start a new thread for this. We were approached recently by some members of the Brisbane track community about doing a polo demo at their upcoming carnival. I have since contacted Ben at CQ who dished out the details as:

As discussed we are keen to get you guys along to demonstrate an interesting bicycle sport which many of us haven’t seen before. I have spoken to the promoter for the Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club Track Carnival and he is very keen to have you guys along as the Tea Break entertainment.

Venue: Chandler Velodrome
Date: 5/01/2010
Time: Arrive at 5.30pm for a 6pm start
Details: The plan is to have us do a demo followed by a few laps practice. Then have a novice race 3rd event after the Tea Break.

So basically they will give us some time to demo the polo and maybe grab any willing participants to have a crack, then in exchange they’re going to let us loose on the track in our own race! You’ll need to be willing to sign up for a temp license, but from what I understand we won’t be paying any entry fees or fees for the temp licenses as a gesture of good faith for providing the entertainment.

I will be in Japan so was wondering whether someone else was willing to act as point person for this while I’m away? There’s nothing much to do except coordinate this shit on the day.

I guess ill put my hand up? I probs won’t take part in the race anyway, should have a licence by then and maybe even racing anyway, but bring on polo at chandler!!!

i have a 21st to go to :cry:

i might be in town, and if I am i will come along

I will be finished work (like forever) so I think I will be there.

I don’t think I will race, 32 X 19 won’t be that competitive.

But it would be hilarious!

Sorry guys, would love to, but I am away then. Have fun!

I’m in :slight_smile:


pursuit frame

nuff said Hahaha

You gotta play polo on it then.

Will you have to run drops for the race?

woulda been in but gonna be away…dam

I was about to say i’m working that day but i’ve got it off. :smiley: Count me in if my roster doesn’t change.