[BNE] Werewolves of Brisbane

Finally pulled my head out of my backside long enough to do something about this. (with full respect to the orginal Midnight Century that runs in December who we ripped the agenda from).

Plan is to catch a late train to the Gold Coast and ride back, finishing at the Pancake Manor in the city for a big brekky/late snack around 3AM. Will be aiming for a total distance of about 100kms.

Lock in Saturday July 19th. Flyer to follow shortly.

Feel free to comment, laugh, scream or cry about it on this thread. I’m a big feller. I can take it.

Aaahhhhroooooooooo !!!

(That was supposed to be a werewolf howl BTW.)


Figure we need to start from a beach somewhere rather than the train station, hence the start at southport. We could ride, bus or maxi taxi from Helensvale to Southport I guess. Pace will be whatever it takes to get there. It’s a social ride, not a race.

General route description here…


7:30 - Meet at Brisbane Square
8:30 - Train to Helensvale from Roma St
9:30 - Arrive Helensvale. Ride, bus, taxi to southport depending on consensus.
10:30 - Depart southport
3:00 or sometime thereafter - Arrive Brisbane for brekky at Pancake Manor.

Do us a favour and post up if you plan to come along so we know how many likely starters.


count me in :slight_smile:

I’ve got a couple of spare headlight sets, if anyone needs one.

Good luck with the Werewolves of Brisbane (great name), unfortunately I’ll be doing a 600 km that weekend instead (on gears).

Can I suggest stopping at the Beenleigh 24 petrol station for a coffee? It helped greatly on a similar night ride a few years ago.

am interested… i’ll see if a few other guys are keen…
i might need to re-lube the knees b4hand.

sounds great, TTT
unfortunately i will be in Byron for a long weekend
well…fortunate for me…
much needed break
i hope you run it again sometime, i will definately be up for it

This Saturday night !!

Timings and stuff as previously posted. The only thing that could be an issue is weather and I figure we can call it at the train station.

Seee you there.


only 3 more sleeps guys :smiley:

See ya at Brisbane square.
As a shitty rider i’ll see how far a’ll come from there :-o
The weather forecast looks good.

I’m still in. I’ve been using the TdF to train for the late night.

I’m in - someone needs to follow up from behind!

Tony, have you got a route planned, with a directions sheet? Just in case we get separated, it would be good to have a few copies for people. Are you planning to use the V1? Else there would be some routes planned on bikely.com, that you can print out the running sheet for (the maps are crap).

I just rode from 8 Mile Plains to the City on the bikeway, and you have to guess a fair bit where to go next, if you don’t know the route. In the dark you would have to be McGyver.

I think this is the one:

im interested but not decided yet

has a decision been made as to how to get from helensvale station to southport?

Yeah I actually rode that bikely route a while back and was way more confused with the directions than when I just followed my nose south staying parallel to the freeway. I had planned to do a similar exercise for the ride but to be honest the amount of effort involved in doing a cue sheet for it to be just as confusing seemed pointless.

My preference would be for us to agree that we start and finish as a group. It’s not a race afterall. If someone does get enveloped in the red mist and ride off the front into the unknown they can stop and wait or call for help.

My opinion is/are…

  • yes it will be the V1
  • yes I will have a generic map/s
  • no it will not have a cue sheet
  • if a rider can’t follow the M1 north on the service roads they should have their bike confiscated.

Having said that prepare as you see fit. :mrgreen:

Hoever I did do a bikely specifically for the ride. Study up…


As for getting to Southport, we can either ride (total of 90 od kays for the night) or just skip it and head straight back from Helensvale (<>70kms) . I figure democracy can rule on the night.


So if anyone has a navman, please bring it!!!

Yeah I reckon ride into the Goldie for a beer or a coffee or a walk on the sand, just to kick it off properly.

I’ll bring my TomTom navigator

There is a free Tex Perkins concert at 7.30 pm across the river by QPAC. Pity it isn’t a little earlier!

There are a few pics here:

Ignore the date on the pics - it should be 19/7/08.

Five riders Tony 2X, Rogaine, Nathan, Erik and self. A pint, the train, out to the coast to let the bogans have their sport with us, and off for a nice ride on a clear, cool night. Pancake Kitchen at 2.30 after 88 km (plus commute), into the scratcher at 3.40 am with 104 km on the clock, feeling pretty good.