[BNE] WRCC Tuesday nights at Chandler....

Starting again Tuesday 17th November. 19:00 - 21:00

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Bad Billy writes "
Hi All Trackies,

Hope this finds you all in good health and spirits and ready to start the Track Season. Well it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, well actually the whole track. The Wynnum Redlands Cycling Club will commence their training nights as from the 17th October, 7:00pm - 9:00pm, all are welcome.


I’m there tonight…

I know Inthepink, Rhino and TR are going… Anyone else?
Bring a beer or 2 for after…


May get there.
Shit seems to be getting in the way though.

Sorry guys.
I am a no show tonight.
Everything is conspiring against me.
Keen for some laps over the weekend though.

Ok, quick re-cap of Tues Night.

MikeyD, InthePink and Rhino all raced. Coaching duties were done by LittlewheelsandBig. Four classes raced on the night, C, B2, B1 and A…with close to 55 riders for the night. Both the B classes had approx 20 riders in each. It was great fun turning banks in a field that size, and the racing was all fast-paced.

Good nights racing was done by all, and each of us had a fair crack at every sprint. The larger feilds also taught us each alot more on tactics.

Beers in the carpark afterwards was priceless…PERFECT.

Same again next week, I will come for the warm-up and then become head coach/heckler/photographer…

[b]So next Tuesday, we may have 6 fixed.org.au riders.

Rhino ~ one weird wheeledcolnago
InthePink ~ one wife-bought hillbrick
MikeyD ~ one crank-bank-hitting oxford
TR ~ THE van- fluro-yellow-stien BEAST
Blakey ~ one highly polished Kerry Hopkins
Littlewheelsandbig ~ I dare say one tasty looking Eddy Merckx

And will Rogaine arrive with the MYSTERY Track Beast his is killing me with…[/b]

MMe and Vanfluoroyellowenstein are there or square.

Reminder for all, BYO beer for after the race.

Nope, patience is a virtue …

… you know what a virtue is, Rhino??

Some kind of bike that I need to buy? Where can I get one…


Some kind of bike that I need to buy? Where can I get one…[/quote]

Yup, you’re right, it’s white, made from 753 and has a mix of campy/sugino/3T/cinelli parts.

I know where to get one, you distract the owner and I’ll do a smash and grab.

Just to reinforce all that Rhino has said…
We all had loads of FUN

If anyone knows of a very cheap 56 square (ish) track frame with a sensible BB height that I could negotiate price on, please let me know…
I am already wearing a chamfer on my RH pedal…
(also happy to part-ex the oxford frame if you want it for street fix…)


now … that sounds familiar …

Not old school cool but ???


Thanks TR, Very nice… Bet it goes way out of my price range…


Tues 7th Nov Review.

Under the watchful eye of NDF, 3 fixed.org riders took to the banks of Chandler. InthePink, Blakey and Myself. A good night, no headwind and the beer at the end was nice and cold.

InthePink is riding into some damm fine form, not long till he will step-up to B1.

Blakey basically paid money for his licence, then jumped straight into a race. No real warm-up, just jumped straight in the deepend. Another race in the night would have seen him mixing it up easy in the sprints.

Rhino, displayed good sock height…

TR finds Tuesdays all too dificult to co-ordinate again. :oops: :cry:

Personal observation…Blakey showed serious balls to jump into a bunch ride with nary a spin on the track before…Rhino ‘I’m just here to view tonight’ showed some real threat and will be ‘A’ grade within the month…Great for me to meet ndf for the first time
Can’t fault the after session beers and gab…G

Yeah, that was somewhat daunting. A come and try session or two would have been helpful, instead I got my arse kicked by 12 year old girls repeatedly.

Want to gear down a touch for next time, I’m not used to mashing so much.

Still, it’s the most fun you can have for $7.

Nope, A-grade next Tuesday and bringing a set of fresh legs with me. I am going to destroy ‘disk-boy’.