BO Shrinkage

Does anyone in Melbourne have a BO Shrinkage that I could take a look at?

I’m trying to decide if it’s the right bag for me and getting a good sense of it’s size and how easy it will be to pack/unpack would really help.


Obvious question but have you called their local stockists (St Cloud, Pony, Jetnikoff)?

Good question, but I might be ordering a slightly customised one (sternum strap and compression straps) so I don’t want to waste the time of a retail shop unless I’m going to order through them, and that just seems unnecessarily complicated.

Buy some stickers or bring chocolate cake.

have you hit up Dave about it, he’s always willing to bust his arse to try & help, maybe he knows someone rad that’d be willing to show you theirs (if you show them yours… hehe)?

failing that, I doubt Sasha would have an issue with you pawing at the bags she carries at pony.

Thanks all.

Sorted by Sir Kev.

(BTW - If I had chocolate cake, I wouldn’t be giving it away.)

FWIW, we don’t stock BOgear at Saint Cloud, but the latest stuff that Dave is producing looks great.

^^ah sorry, you’re on their website as a Vic stockist.

Sorry, I should have worded that better.
We don’t currently stock any of the gear as stock items on the floor, but are more than happy to order in.
Just incase anyone was expecting to waltz in and try them out.