Bob jackson Vigorelli

Finished this last night and scratch the shit out of the left stay trying to take a pic…grrrrrr :mad:

Bob Jackson Vigorelli '10 52
Cinelli 1A stem/Cinelli Champione Del Mondo Bar
Campagnolo Record Headset
Campagnolo Aero seatpost/San Marco Concor
Campagnolo Record Pista 48T/Izumi Chain/EAI 17T
Velocity Aerohead/Miche Pr1matoHubs/Gatorskin 25

Nice dude


yeah bricks will do that. nice ride

Looking good man! Yeah, bring it on Monday. We can make it new bike debut week!

Hawt. The flood gates for nice rides are well and truly open!

…and go Bombers.

flawless (well, except for the scratch :l)


how long is that campag seat post? does it have much room to move, just coz it looks really high out

Awesome build!!! FOA showing the goods lately

Nice work.

thanks guys, really appreciate it…

a bit over the limit, i need a longer seatpost i think…

inb4 ‘your frame is too small with that much post’

Nice bike man!

yeah this frame is slightly smaller than what i normally ride

haha i totaly didn’t realize that…

very sweet

That looks very sexy!

Nice build buddy. Always wanted a BJ since my time in London (get your mind out of the gutter!). Came so close to pulling the pin on a frame identical to this… but ended up with something far more ‘sensible’ - oh, the regret.

Be careful with that. Seen a (Thomson) post break from not being under-inserted. truestory


Also, you’ll be able to fix that scratch pretty easily with some auto acrylic lacquer, some clear and some 2000+ wetndry.

thanks man appreciate it, will give that a go.

I’m replacing the seatpost with something a bit longer, this one is nice but too short

Lovely. Had the same bike once upon a time. Regretfully sold it.

That makes 3 Vigorellis in Melb I know of.