bobridge's hour record attempt / track nationals.

Hi guys.

i’m thinking of going to watch the Australian Championships of Velodrome Riding at DISC this week. There’s some pretty cool stuff on Friday evening (sprints and points races, for both genders) and Saturday evening (keirins and scratch races, for both genders… but also Jack Bobridge’s hour record attempt, which, given his current form, is likely to be successful. Imagine looking through the Guinness Book, pointing at a record, and going…“Yep, I was there for that.” That’d be pretty cool).

I reckon I’ll go to both (but might do some instagramming during the first 55 minutes of the hour attempt). Tickets are a whopping $10 per session, and are general admission, so you can sit in the front straight (not-sXe, average views) or the back straight (sXe, rad views).

You should totally come too! I have a reputation for bringing delicious vegan snacks, and love to share. If we’ve never met, I’ll be the guy with bodgy tattoos, mouthing off about how I totally beat Jack Bobridge at the Austral one year. Come say hi.



if I get home early enough Saturday I’ll be keen.

Attending. Also, last foa meet up organised by brenno? So close to 10g posts and blowing this popsicle stand, surely no one can miss this.

definitely. you don’t know how desperate i am to get this monkey off my back.

Yep I have a ticket I’ll be there, but also as a side note how rad was it when Hendo was to smashed to roll over him at TDU he still pushed his saddle for as long as he could then buried himself and Maddison slung him into the final climb.
That was the best cycling I have seen since I was 15 I’d say.

I cannot come. Wedding on.

I’ll be making a rare cycling related appearance for this.

did sat night sell out? can’t see single tickets on the website, only family passes for saturday.

Might try and make it down, would like to see the points and scratch races.

I hope Bobridge makes it. I’m still a maybe on attendance.

Saturday sold out, ticket booth must have been rushed by the #foamafia last night.

Glad Steph & I bought the tickets two weeks ago then :slight_smile:
Looking forward to an ace night of racing and Jack’s attempt - not to mention a swag of FOA faces in the crowd.
Got to imagine Jack’s strong showing at the TDU helped up the profile of the attempt.

signed up (yesterday).

im bringing a paper mache microphone so we can get brendan to ‘pretend’ commentate the main events (regale us with stories).

Haven’t got a ticket. Blakey, I’m going to need to borrow the key to the cages so I have somewhere to hide at the end of the day session

guys, i’m out tonight. major case of the ceebs.

see you all tomorrow!

i’m in tonight though!

I’ll be there, have been the past couple of nights and there hasnt been anyone checking tickets do you may be able to just stroll in, or since tonight is sold out maybe they will actually check

Watching online. Wave for me FOAmafia

Loving the AC/DC

Gutted. Half a kay short.

When’s his next attempt going to be?