BOgear papermunky review

hi everyone

just got hold of my new Papermunky bag from BOgear and thought i’d do a mini review, well as much of one as i can after 2 days!

first and foremost, i got to meet dave and the BOgear crew at bike polo nationals and they were all super nice guys and seemed really enthusiastic about their product. all correspondence with them was laidback and helpful and dave was more than happy to answer any questions i had.

they were upfront about the time it would take to get the bag to me as i ordered just before xmas/new years and knowing this from the start i was happy to wait the 3 weeks i was quoted.

bag seems super strong and is quite comfy with a little or a lot jammed into it. i had a 6 bottles of cider in it last night and after a little while they started digging into my back a little but it was nothing to really worry about. maybe if you were riding with booze in your bag for over an hour for some reason!

i wanted something to carry my day to day gear in that wasn’t as cumbersome as my old backpack. all the stitching/buckles/straps etc seem well made and sturdy. i didn’t get too much in addition to the standard papermunky, just a padded shoulder strap (which can be removed and is fully washable) and a few pen pockets. as you can see from the pics it can hold a jumper/jacket, lge water bottle, tool roll, tube, deodorant, diary, D-lock (separate pocket on the front), bag of chips (opened slightly to expel air) and a few bits and bobs (puffer/nurofen etc). adjusting the shoulder strap and stabiliser strap makes it easy to set up nicely. despite initial doubt that it would fit a laptop, i even managed to fit my 15" macbook pro into it reasonably comfortably. doubt it’d fit a toshiba notebook however…

once made and payment was received i had it in my hands within 24 hours. i was lucky enough to get the 20% discount for the bike polo nationals and even with the additional pen pocket and padded strap it all came to $120 delivered!!! dave even managed to organise delivery of a t-shirt(with the bag) i ordered from thinking it was the same company!! i had originally looked at bags in the chrome range but their flat rate 60USD delivery put me off from the start.

i know there’s been a bit of discussion on here about bags and so i thought i’d throw in my 2c for what it’s worth. if you’re lookin for a good quality, tough bag for a good price, from good people, then i can recommend

better than buying from a faceless online retailer any day :slight_smile:
if you’ve got any questions i’m happy to answer them.


sorry for the thread dig guys, but this thread was the best result from me DASFFS. hence, the archaeological mission.

Rolly, just wondering how the bag is doing after a few months? and how well does it stay in position whilst riding?

I’m considering one of the BO Gear specials at the moment, so any insight would be rad

I’ve had my DUB bag for a bit over two months. I ride about 120km a week and the bag is on my back 95% of that time, and it’s gone through the worst a Melbourne winter can throw at it. Honestly, a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and it still looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. I’ve used it in some pretty heavy rain and everything inside has stayed completely dry. Even the stuff in the front pockets.

I’ve hauled around 7 or 8 bottles of wine, a 10kg mortar & pestle (not recommended), but usually it’s just my lunch, a towel and work clothes (plus the usual phone/wallet/basic toolkit/mini pump). It actually feels a little more comfortable when it’s got some stuff in it, it tends to slide to the right a little when empty. Maybe that’s just due to my body shape, I don’t know. It’s nothing major though, still way more comfortable than my backpack was. Plenty of sturdy straps to keep everything secure. The D-lock sleeve is great, I can get my lock out without having to take the bag off.

If I could change anything on it… Well I probably would’ve gone for the padded shoulder strap. 99% of the time it’s not a problem but when the bag is absolutely loaded with heavy stuff the strap can dig in a little. I’d also shorten the main strap, when I’ve got it cinched up tight there is a heap of strap left dangling, I usually just loop it back around on itself. I am a skinny fucker though. That’s about it really. Love the bag, highly recommended.

thanks p-dub

i would pretty much agree with everything p-dub has to say about his bag. i think in hindsight i may have gone for the DUB bag for the extra space.

that said, i’ve carried heaps of different shit in/with mine including numerous bottle shop trips, carrying wheelsets (strapping them through the spokes), 6 nearly 2 foot long toner cartridges for work and a heap of other shit i can’t remember now. the bag hasn’t missed a beat and i’ve quite often been surprised at how much it can carry for such a small bag.

like p-dub, i would say it’s heaps comfier than my backpack ever was and i’ve got the advantage of it rarely moving around on my back, maybe i’m a bit fatter?? haha. i have mine done right the way up when it’s empty and often forget i’ve even got it on, i do have to loop the strap around though. it’s not uncommon for me to wander around the house(or a mates place) with it still on if i’m only coming and going again, sometimes even 10 minutes later. i got the padded shoulder strap with mine and have only taken it off maybe 3 times? totally worth it for heavy loads. i can’t actually imagine it without it.

+1 on the d-lock sleeve, it’s great. really easy to access without having to unclip anything, just loosed the strap and swing it round to the front.

i think the biggest testament to it’s quality though, is the fact that i’ve had 2 pretty big stacks whilst wearing it and it’s barely got a scratch on it. there’s a slight burn on the outer fabric but considering the way i catapulted myself into the road it’s held up remarkably well. the internal ‘banner’ liner has a few little cracks/tears in it but it’s nothing to cause concern (for me anyway). i recently emailed dave at BOGear in regards to some stitching i thought had come loose. turns out i was mistaken as to how it was originally made and within a few hours dave had emailed me back with the quick and easy solution. i could’ve mentioned the cracks/tears then but really didn’t think it was warranted.

wow, this has been a longer reply than i expected.

basically, for an everyday bag, these guys are really on the money with what they’re offering. bags geared towards cyclists with handy and innovative features, all backed up with a fucking awesome warranty. australian made using recycled/reclaimed materials = good times.


oh, i also have one of their tool pouches and a coin pouch. they’re great too.