BOGear Spare Camel - Anyone in Melbourne got one?

Thinking of getting a BOGear Spare Camel but would like to check it out for size, anyone in Melb got one i can have a geez at?

blakey or nickj.

i suspect blakey will be easiest to get hold of however…

nickj has the one I had.

ohhhhhhh. was it the tester one? coz i think nick has become incredibly fond of it. y’know, coz the whole sailed across the south pacific type thing…

i’ll ask him.

I have it and it’s my most favourite bag ever don’t take it away from me.

It’s actually not mine at all, it’s Dave’s, but I must have some kind of squatters rights by now?

Jams - I return next Monday and from then on you’re welcome to come check it out at the Workshop.

haha sorry nick.

cool, will be in touch next week