Bolt supplier

Can anyone suggest a bolt supplier? The bolts on my headstems are rusted and look nasty. I would like to replace them with stainless or Ti (comments?). Preferably in Brisbane, but interstate/os/online are fine. Thanks.

Yellow pages - any industrial bolt supplier will have what you need, in a variety of lengths, materials (incl stainless), threads and head styles (and will be way cheaper than just about any bike shop). Take your old bolts in and say “I would like some of these please, but in stainless”.

There’s a place out towards the BNE airport. I forget the name, but if you’re going to the airport from the city, instead of taking the onramp to the freeway, you go straight ahead under it, and it’s in that area.

I bought a ton of 304SS (316 better, but overkill and more $ unless you ride in the sea) M20 hardware years ago, and they were ridiculously cheap compared to other places.

Any industrial hardware supplier will also be much cheaper than a regular hardware store, who will only sell packs of 6-8 in limited sizes.

Ti might be tricky, there are people selling bolt packs on ebay shipped direct from China. Not cheap. Plus Ti & Al = galling unless you use an antiseize grease.

There’s plenty of bolt suppliers around Briz almost every industrial area will have one. What suburb are you in?

I’m in Yeronga.
I think Blakey’s place is Queensland Fasteners, 172 Lavarack Ave Eagle Farm, so I’ll try there first.
Also there’s a “Bolts for Bikes” place at Kedron, presumably motorbikes, that could be worth a call.
… and Lightning Bolt at Rocklea that claim to be a Stainless specialist.
… plus others as you say, Skippy.
Thanks Blakey and CC, I’ll let you know how I go.

That’s the one, I couldn’t remember the name/street, Laverton kept popping into my head, but I knew it was wrong.

Give them a call and get a quote. For some reason I got a big % off the ‘list’ price when I called up asking for prices/stock. But that was in 2000, so things may have changed.

304 will be fine, and cheaper than 316, don’t waste your money on 2205!

You could always do a group buy, and get a box of 100/200 bolts & washers, the price/bolt would be quite cheap, I’d be keen to take 20-30 M5 x 10-20mm or so. Always useful for bottle cages, racks, fenders, stems etc etc.