Bont Riot mtb?

Anyone used these? Bont Cycling Shoes :: Riot MTB
Have the older Vaypor type ones that i was given but the minimalistic grip is no good(grip falls off,not enough give etc).
Going to be used for work so 8+ hours a day with a lot of walking.
Currently using giro privateer and some kinda full carbon lake mtb/cx shoe.
Just want to see if anyone has any experience with them?

As the page even says “Our motto in terms of cycling shoe fit is simple, “We make shoes for cycling, not walking.””.

Carbon sole usually = stiff.

These are not the shoes you want if you’re planning on wearing them all day. I don’t know what you do for a job, but surely you can pack a spare pair of shoes, or leave them at work and change? If that’s impossible then I’d compromise on the cycling performance for comfort and get some Shimano touring shoes like the Shimano MT71.

Work as a messenger so cycling is a pretty big part and as i said i currently use carbon shoes.
Also i was asking if anyone has any experience with them not if anyone can look at the website and read the same stuff that i can. Cheers

I work at a Bont dealer and can say that this is not the ideal shoe for you to be walking in whilst delivering jobs, they are super fucking stiff. Awesome XC race shoes or for people that like to run MTB pedals on their roadie/commuter etc.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: hahaha, I just realised who this is and that I’ve spoken to you about it already, hi Krus!

Ha, Hey Sime… You are supposed to try and sell me the shoes, not dissuade me from buying them :slight_smile:
Not sure if the Riots would be any stiffer than the lakes i use? mtb version cx401, Custom heat-moldable carbon sole etc.
Sell me some shoes Sime.


I have nothing constructive to add to this conversation :slight_smile:

i’m often amazed at how some people react in threads like this.

mik may not have offered anything new to what you’d already read yourself, but you can just ignore it, thank him for his input and not come across like a bit of a dick, which you didn’t seem to be the time we met.

for that matter, mik is a nice guy too, so i’m certain he was just trying to help. in a help thread.


carry on.

Yeah, fair enough. Sorry Mik.

Soooooo… anyone used these?

What are you wanting over what Sime has already said? It’s not like anyone who has used them is going to say they’re not stiff if they are