Bonza News!!!

It’s a GOOD habit:;ID=vjymaqaib2ncz

Listen to the podcast - the dose is 8mg caffeine per kg body weight. A short black has about 100mg caffeine. Do the arithmetic and drink up.

What if you hate coffee? I can do the same thing with No-Doze right?

How can anyone hate coffee?

I’m not a fan of hot coffee, but I live on Faremrs Union Iced Coffee.

Go figure. :expressionless:

What about crystal meth? Does that count?

did anyone ever say it was bad. everything is fine in moderation

caffeine also helps you metabolise fat faster which is no bad thing

i always smoke a rock before i go for a ride, who doesnt? :smiley:

paging all fans of Breaking Away to the thread …

… right after this triple macchiato

im in the same boat.
farmers union every single day without fail.