Boobs and Bikes and really bad music -


BEN WATTS - ISSUE 2 PT 1 on Vimeo

Yeh, nah.

Fuck this shit.

When did track bikes become a porn accessory?

never said i liked it. loose the bikes, loose the music, loose the photographer, actually loose everything…

I like boobs and bikes but this I hate we need dylan to do a fat bike (snow bikes) photo shoot with plus size glamour models.


i looked at the website of this production and still couldn’t work out if it was trying to be porno, erotica, photography or just some LA fantasy nonsense…


It was like one of those early 90’s tampon adds except with boobies.

hahaha shame the bikes were shit the girls on the other hand…

it’s alright jono they all look a bit too tall for you :wink:

Can I just point out, that at 7 seconds in, on the part two BEN WATTS - ISSUE 2 PT 2 on Vimeo
you can clearly see, the model is wearing no undergarments what so ever.

Ohhhhh yes! Somebody PLEASE contact their Surly rep and get me involved with the next bit of promo for their Pugsly

16sec mark for those interested…

51sec mark…

Shitty bikes even worse music but those are some pretty fine looking young ladies prancing around with fuck all clothes on… Maybe there is a lot more latent homosexuality going on round here than I thought :stuck_out_tongue:


Latent homosexuality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I thought everyone on this forum was gay?..

fixed… gear… bikes…??? come on…

Oh I know what latent means.
I’m just questioning how latent it really is.

Hahahah another epic response from you good sir!!

I thought this thread was going to be about the old shifter bikes website.