Boring Confessions

That’s been my experience overtaking them.

The DIY jobbies on the other hand…they’re good to draft

Age and decrepitude are coming on alarmingly fast but (apparently) I’m not there yet.

Work friend has a sweet e-utilitybike, she takes her kids to kindy on it on her way to work. I was quite taken with hers.

Yeah, I use mine to drop the kids to school and preschool. It’s great. This morning a brief rainstorm hit right before dropoff time: the line of cars at school went back two blocks, I just rolled past straight to the gate.

Jamesy pls

fucking fml


I went into the work toilets earlier. All of the cubicles were apparently occupied, but on closer inspection one of them wasn’t. The “occupied” sign was on but the door was ajar and the cubicle was empty.

cheers Jono, that was a close thing

Can always count on your understanding and empathy jamesy

just has the postie here, gave me the little machine to sign, but it was upside down. I didn’t say anything and just signed it as is.

I always just scribble on those things anyways.

Wait. You used a cubicle next to one that was occupied?

It was the only available cubicle. I thought that was clear.

Yelled at a driver this morning while riding. Full on, window down, 25kph suburban screamer…
What’s your problem…
You were too close…
F you. You don’t even pay rego
F you. Yes I do, I have a car
F you. You’re not paying it now
You’re a f’ing idiot that’s not how rego works
F you I have three mates that ride
… Etc etc…

On reflection, the dude didn’t deserve it really. Admittedly I still think he’s a moron, but I was being a wanker too and he wasn’t even really ‘that’ close. Just close enough to annoy me into swearing at him.

i did that once, and then an hour later he walked into the office for a meeting with our CEO. turns out he was the real estate agent for our building… lol.

This is the boring confessions thread.

Soz for the unintended excitement. Seems I’m just upsetting everyone this morning :roll_eyes:

yeh soz nowhere near boring enough.

Today I thought I had turned on the coffee machine before walking the dog, but turned out I had not.

I regularly spell ‘genius’ incorrectly.

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