Boring Confessions

Back when Melbourne Gravel Grinders was a thing and DDCX was all the rage.

what a time to be alive.

Needs moar CraigC…

It’s all just moved to Tassie

Lose the last bit

I often take a mandarin and an apple to work for a pre-lunch snack. I have to eat the mandarin first. If I eat the apple first the mandarin tastes like shit. You heard it first.

I was thinking about getting a pie for lunch, then noticed some leftover butter chicken in the fridge. I’m eating that instead.

Whose is it?..

Mine. I’m at home.

20 char

Left my jeans at home so I’m at the office in bib shorts all day

lollllllllllllll. appreciated by all i’m sure.

I had some cables taking up space in my pencil case, so I took them out.

This is post number 400 in this thread.

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Hey there - one at a time please. Or things get too exciting.

I have never written a cheque.

BC: I have written a cheque. Possibly only one, but I have written one…

This just raises more questions. Why were there cables in your pencil case? Why do you have a pencil case?

you’re in for a ride. buckle up.

where else can he keep his 8mm?

I had some cables, and originally had space in my pencil case so put them in there. The pencil case is for my pencils.

BC - I spent about 2 minutes this morning debating whether I need to pack my pencil case for a work trip to Canberra. Since it’s only 1 night, I decided I could risk the single blue and red pens and yellow highlighter I keep in my briefcase, after double-checking the ink levels.

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absolute mad lad!!!