Boski x Cinelli 'Collaboration'

Should I know who Boski is?

Cranky Sundays crew involved in this?

what did “boski” do to it from normal?

Fukn mega YAWN

How far Cinelli have come: :evil:

loving the fade decals on the DT and the inner fork blade decals are a nice touch, but that’s about it.


He runs an ebay store selling a lil bit of fixed gear stuff. Designer by trade i guess.
Wonder who the fuk he knows in Cinelli to get a collab going.

Ive bought from his ebay store before & it was hands down the best ebay transaction ever…

Within an hour & a half of clicking the “buy now” button, he was hand delivering my rim to my place & it was rollin pretty soon after…

As for the bike, I like it. Subtle rather than some of the other official Cinelli’s Ive seen recently… Dig on the little flags too (tho I am a sucker for flag decals/stickers)


At least there will be free beer for all you drinkers.
Otherwise its yawn yawn yawwwwnnnn.
Collab is french for shithouse.

he’s the douchebag from the bike article in the sunday age not so long ago.


also, is it an actual “collabo” or is it just him buying the frames from wiggle and kitting them out with his wholesale velocities and shit? i say the latter…

if you want one of these frames they are under $900 au from wiggle…

can i then put some middle-of-the-road parts on it (except the fyx chainring - they rule!) and charge $2750? you know, curated by xbbx himself?

Wouldn’t mind going to Heist for a ‘Beer X MyMouth’ Collabo though…

yes you can.


where is the yawn emoticon ?? ??

New Cinelli’s are so lame … do nothing for me. Old Cinelli’s however are a thing of absolute beauty.

Anyway, this thread needs something to resurrect it. In true Cinelli cheezeball wanna-be Pirelli calender tradition I offer their crappy poster from the 80’s … cracks me up all the time. Who art-directed the aero-hands and feet pointing down? :smiley:

Puttin’ the C back in Cinelli :wink:

Mixte’s are the new Fixie !!!

Yeah good call spirito, thanks for that! :slight_smile:

This collaboration was organized through someone who does not have the authority to approve such projects within Cinelli. Boski was lead to believe that the collaboration was approved and official. Project will now be pulled and thus months of work and thousands of dollars go down the drain. Neither Boski nor Cinelli are at fault and we hope people will respect that.