Bosomworth and Cecil Walker Pursuit

Hi all, been a long time lurker here so i think its time to introduce myself
Built up the bosomworth with left over parts since my everyday bike is crashed (the white and purple VIS frame posted somewhere in this forum). So while waiting it to be repaired by Kumo here is the Bosomworth with some of the parts from the VIS. Part list:

Shamal front
Low Phils to aerohead
Shimano ax 600 pedals and stem
Nitto riser
Iscaselle giro saddle
Sugino 75 cranks and bb

Still waiting on the rear shamal converted and campag cranks and 3t stem to complete it.

Aaand another :wink:

Part List:
Shamal wheelset
Nitto Stem and some riser forgot the name
Campagnolo cranks, post, headset
Brooks swift
Mks pedals and cages
Phil cogs

Oh and yeah, Merry Christmas and happy new year people!

Bikes are damn nice,
Good to see the “vis” frame is getting repaired.

ahhh… Get rid of the trashy white tyres on the cecil.

Other then that nice stable!

The cecil is actually not mine…yet lol, my friend moved overseas and leaves it at my place for three months already and i’m buying it from him, just need to gather few mor bucks to complete the purchase. If anyone is interested in a new rear HED Jet 9 Track to help me pay for it :stuck_out_tongue: .When its fully mine the tyres are the first one to go!

nice ride/s

though i think saddle angle is well off on the bosomworth

My old Bosomoworth! Rad!

Glad to see you using it. The rear shamal should look good on it

nice ride!

Nice marcel.