Bosomworth Roadie. Well priced. Sydney.

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If I had the money’s…

I’ve seen this up close a few times. Great looking frame, paint is lovely and I’ve had good dealings in person with the seller.
BUT … Too small for you Zoltan, from memory you’re a little taller (and a lot more handsome) than me.

Nah, it’d be perfect!

Buy it. I’d love it myself but need to finish one project before starting another.

The Sachs group sounds super nice.

Buy it and I’ll handle the pack/send for you.

I’m trying to convince my wife to lend me the cashola.

Anyone want a Viner…?

what size is the viner?

I’ll fwd your wife’s email to mrs. spirito and she’ll do the pleading for you :wink:

54sq. Mix of Shimano 600 and 105.

ah, to small for a mate of mine.

regarding the seller of the bosomworth, He is a total bike nut. A while ago he had a gumtree ad posted saying he was selling all his bike stuff. He had some crazy stuff in his garage and all around the house. Kinda regret not buying more as he was taking crazy offers.

^ ha! i regret not goin and low ballin too hahha

I bought Shimano AX cranks and pedals off the guy, he’s nice enough