Boston - Providence - New York

Finally managed to get a conference trip out of my research group leader and am heading off in a week and a half to East Coast USA. It’s going to be a quick trip with the bulk spent at the conference in Providence.

I’ll be in Boston for Friday - Sunday, Providence Monday - Friday and New York Friday night - Sunday arvo.

I need some knowledge bombs on good places to go for craft beer and bikes. Any tips on danky New York bars would also be cool but I’d rather avoid clubs, never my scene anyway.

I’ll be heading out to catch up with Brad at Geekhouse in Boston, and I’ve got a week to convince the finance minister to allow an addition to the stable.

Geekhouse CX - Sorted! :slight_smile:

i land in boston on thursday night (oct 20).
i will have my bike so if you’re keen for an exploration ride over the weekend let me know.

i got this list from a guy who works there, haven’t had a good look yet.

Cambridge Bicycle Shop Boston
Superb Bicycle,
Ride Studio Cafe | Lexington, MA | Synthesizing cycling & cafe cultures
Firefly Bicycles | World-class bicycles, handmade in Boston, Mass.
Royal H Cycles
Peter Mooney Cycles
antbikemike | “Not sport…transport”


(Bring me back a Geekhouse cycling cap!)

I get in on the Thursday night as well. I won’t be taking a bike but might try to lend one while I’m there. Awesome list BTW.

Pee to the emmed.

landing 830pm boston time from lax?
share a cab?

This forum is ridiculous sometimes.

EDIT: WTF?! who put that chux picture up there?! - Argh… I guess I stand by my comment.

Landing 815pm Boston time from LAX. American Airlines. I’m staying near Fenway park where are you staying?

typical chats. it’s been there all day!

bukowski’s is a pretty fun bar.

when i went to the aquarium, i got to see 2 penguins having sex in front of a group of school kids.

don’t know yet…trying to find a house still.
likely to go to a hotel for the first few nights; work is in south end.

i’ll shoot you a pm when i know what i’m doing that night.

and yes chacks this is a bit ridiculous.

So, how ridiculous is this:

oh man, that is kinda hilarious.

Missed this thread…

Dan, you’ve got to go to The Blind Tiger Ale House in New York - craft beer heaven.

Good times to be had at the Brooklyn Brewery, too.

having to guess what Dan looked like was fun, he sat across the bar at lax for about 10th minutes before I figured it out (bo gear bag).
having someone to hang out with is sweet, met the Geekhouse guys, hit up bike polo, vegan dinner. word to the wise, don’t leave your passport in someone else’s bag.

already getting props from some random old timers for my gazelle too…and cross training on Wednesday.

Yeah I’ve still got your passport Jimmy. Brad didn’t make it to Providence today, so looks like I’m going to have to post it, that or you get a train down here to Providence, found a cool microbrewery so it’ll be worth it :slight_smile:

will email dan

also brendan newbury comic stores and fucking everywhere. but I went to the one on newbury, I assume that’s what you meant. didn’t meet your friend yet.

yeah, the newbury one. that’s where i bought my copy of “our band could be your life”. it’s a good book.

emily soisson is pretty tall with brown hair. last i heard she was working in the radiaton oncology department of some hospital. i just remember that because i felt fancy saying ‘radiation oncology’.

This book is great.