Bottom Bracket feels stiff

Hi All.

Just wondering about a bottom bracket that came with a frame I just picked up.
Its a sugino 75, not rusty or anything, looks shiny still (on the outside).

But the spindles or axle doesn’t rotate very smoothly, in fact it feels very stiff when you turn it with your fingers. I have no cranks on it yet.

Is this because it needs grease? or does it sound stuffed?
I don’t have a lockring wrench to take off the cups to see inside.

what do you guys think?

Probably needs some TLC!
new bearings and grease do wonders for moving parts.


How new is it? From memory, a new BB feels pretty stiff to finger pressure, I presume because of the grease in it. I’m not sure how long they take to loosen up.

The only smart thing to do really is to take it out, clean and regrease it.

My guess is that its probably ok but needs proper adjustment. Now is a great time for you to buy a BB spanner :slight_smile:

You owe a Sugino 75 that much.

not sure how old it is, as its on an old track frame.
but my guess its at least a couple of years old.

thanks for the tips.

one more thing? What grease should I use?

Phil Wood … ducks for cover :smiley:

Squished banana peels?

Slick Honey’s good, and I think it costs even more than Phil grease… :smiley: