Bottom bracket help?

Hi guys

I just removed an old bottom bracket, and I’m a bit confused as to what the deal is.

The markings on it are:

1.37" x 24T
70 x 110.5

Now I would think that 1.37" x 24T is an english threaded bottom bracket, but what’s the deal with the 70 x 110.5? I thought english bbs were 68mm?? or is the 70 x 110.5 in reference to something other than 70mm shell width?

the VP website doesn’t list one the model VP-BC73I, but has a few other variations of 73:

Thanks for the help!

[i]EDIT: just tried to put in an old english bb, and it is too small in diameter - which leads me to believe it is an Italian (hence “I” marking?).

Also, the old bb thread is clockwise to tighten on the fixed (drive side) which appears to be italian.

So what’s the deal with the 1.37" x 24T marking?[/i]

the 110.5 would be the spindle length, i’d say.

110.5 is the spindle length
70 is the width of BB shell it’s designed for

thanks guys, that’s what i thought, but what I’m having a struggle with is the 1.37 x 24T which is an english thread, but it seems to be an italian thread?

what way do the old cups screw in.
with english threads the drive side is left hand threads (tighten anti-clockwise) and non-drive is right hand (clockwise)
with italian both are right hand (clockwise).

a 70mm shell is italian, 68mm is english.

The difference between english and italian is the diameter of the thread in the BB. An english BB will fit inside an italian one without touching. English come it various shell widths 68, 70 and a few more for mountain bikes ect.

thanks guys.

All signs point to Italian -

  • clockwise (right) to tighten on the drive side
  • 70mm shell

must be a mistake on the sticker saying it’s 1.37" x 24T!!

should either be 36 x 24 or 1.417" x 24 for italian, from Sheldon