bottom bracket issues

I had to take a poofteenth off the inner tabs of some cranks cos they just touched the chainstays when pushing hard on the cranks. Didn’t file them right down, so they’ll still be usable as a double if I need them down the track.

i had this exact clicking. i took the bb out, (shimano sealed), cleaned it and re greased it. Fine for 2 weeks then it started again. so i just bought a new one. Just make sure you know what your doing when putting your bike back together. I managed to break the crank bolt inside my new bottom bracket (had to buy another new one) and threaded 1/3rd of my crank.

Good idea to fit new crank bolts and washers with new bottom brackets- those 25 year old original Campag ones if used may be fatigued and more prone to failure.

Brand new crank bolts they were. Threaded part just puled in half. A combination of friction heat and ( i like to think) brute force .