bottom bracket resistance / stiffness

Hey guys,
I just bought a new stainless steam phil wood bottom bracket. I’ve never purchased a bottom bracket before and I was wondering, How freely should the spindle spin by just turning it with your fingers?

When I turn the spindle with my fingers, it will not free-spin at all, and its seems like there is quite abit of resistance inside the cartridge, almost like there is ‘honey’ inside it.

Is this how all new phil wood bottom brackets come? Will it loosen over time? I was under the impression that it should spin freeley like spinning a hub or something…

That’s normal I’d say. Spinning a BB with your fingers does not represent how it would feel with cranks on it.

Same with mine, but it wasn’t a phil wood.
I wouldn’t worry about it, just make sure its damn tight, and chuck on your cranks. With cranks on it feels fine.

Seal drag and thick grease are the culprit, and you’ll usually find that they free up a bit after about 500km of use.