Bottom Bracket Spindle Length

Wondering how to determine what length bottom bracket needed to make sure the chain line will be strait.
Reason im doing it my self everytime i got into a LBS they only stock crappy bottom brackets and i want to order on from the net thats the right size.

if it helps the parts i have are

  • Suntour Suprbe Pro njs cranks
  • McBain track frame
  • Dura Ace rear hub.


Ask jaseyjase. It’s his old McBain, he’ll be able to tell you what spindle he used.

Cheers man. Youve been helping me out heaps lately. Appreated.
Do you know where the best place to get a good quality bottom bracket from would be?

the spindle that was in there last was 107mm. I’ve still got the bottom bracket it you want to buy it?

Aside from matching cup & cone BBs, there are “Prototype” sealed cartridge ISO taper BBs available

Or you could buy a Phil Wood.

^ or do this.

But again JIS/ISO. Where to buy bb’s? What’s your budget. Usually the internet. No good shops in Perth.

pretty sure I sold it to a different user, unless they have sold it on swell

yeah really? There was another mcbain in Perth but it went to Syd… it was coming back to perth last time I heard but i’d be amazed if it was sold on already too!

Nope Whitey you sold it to me…
what type of bottom bracket did you run whitey?

For something good i wouldnt mind spending around 100$ but not sure what length to get if from the net. My LBS managed to fit the Supbre cranks on a JIS cheap bracket last time i went in and i have noticed a slight bit of wear in the taper. should i be worried/get a new set of cranks with the bottom bracket.

there’s your answer bud! However i ran it with first gen DA cranks, not sure how they will differ to your superbe pros

Get rid of your Superbe Cranks, and buy my DA’s :stuck_out_tongue: And get yourself a JIS BB!

Haha i Think youre onto a winner

What are Dura Ace octalinks like?

Same as the square taper cranks, just use an octalink spindle.

Google says 109mm

I think I might be able to help even further. I just bought a NJS frame and the previous owner was using superbe pro cranks. I need to change the bottom bracket spindle which is 109mm. I will see if the hatta r9400 spindle is compatible with the shimano cups that I have. Then I could sell as a complete bottom bracket.

Whitey if you could let me know what Happens thatll be awesome.

I’ll sort it out tomorrow and let you know then