Bottom bracket standards

Good thread on Velocepede about the current state of things:
New BB “standards”

So is BSA threaded making a comeback?? I hope so.

on the topic of bbs:
Specialized are now shipping new SL4 frames with an alloy insert bonded into the frame with epoxy(the inserts can also be purchased and retrofitted). It seems to solve most of the issues with the plastic BS cups they were using.

Colnagos new BB in the c60 is pretty cool. effectively bb86 that is pressed into a threaded oversize alloy sleeve that can be removed or replaced.

cervelo BB ideas all suck and should die.

This has reminded me to find the source of creaking on my bb30 equipped biek.

front wheel skewer/fork interface

Bsa 4 lyf

So what’s the consensus on using a BB30 frame with an adapter for a BSA BB?

And to complicate things further, how much trouble am I asking for in using a BB30 frame, BSA adapter, with an Excentriker EBB?

Edit: I know I could get a Beer Components EBB to fit straight into a BB30 frame but I already have two other BSA EBBs so I’d rather use what I already have.

dont, but if you must, id go the praxis.

Good to see Santa Cruz bikes using threaded even on their high-end carbon models

Doesn’t seem like a very elegant solution

BSA is ok but still way to heavy.
The best I think is PF30 with a proper bb like thm or praxis,
I noticed the new pinarello is running Italian threaded.
There is no place for alloy in a crabon frame, it requires bonding and that always fails at some point, to be honest I hate all available options.

Too heavy? Last time I checked my c59 which weighs a kilo more than the BH ultralight doesn’t go a second slower.

No place for alloy in a carbon frame? So what, just whack a steel bearing in a bit of carbon? Or as you suggest, whack a ‘proper bb’ in. Ahhhhhhh, permanent, in mould bonds, will on balance probably fail less than temporary ones. I couldn’t count the number of bb30 bikes with issues, but that c40 with its alloy bb I serviced the other day is still going strong.

A thm, praxis is a perfect solution, A English threaded bb is essentially a glued in bb, not much different to a glued in cup, I removed a glued in set not long ago easy enough if the right glue is used.
I agree bb30 sucks but other options are ok I wouldn’t ride a carbon bike much over 5 years old any way,
most systems will last that, carbon bikes are built to be light strong and disposable if you want to ride a c-40 you probably should be on TI or steel.
As for a kg more would you tape a brick to your bb and think it is fine? Weight is weight and trying to limit it is no new thing it’s about 100 years old now.

Is it a press fit carbon brick?

But most people just want something cheap and hassle free (me included) = bsa

Yep I agree but cheap and easy is probably not high end carbon

True it’s a different market, people willing to spend 5k on a bike don’t want metal.

Weight may be weight, i just don’t think its as important as the US market would have you believe, i did kind of say this when i compared an apparently really good bike which has the selling pooint of being light to my brick heavy bike that hands down craps on it for breakfast.

but carbon isn’t carbon.

Given that that c40 rides the same as the day it left the factory and most Ti bikes would have cracked by now its not really a valid point.

SOME carbon bikes are built to be disposable razor blades, others aren’t. Regardless creaky BBs suck.

Yeah the c-40 is a weird exception, but it was pre days of pushing the limits of how little material can be used.
It’s always a balancing act as threaded means if you want to run a 30mm spindle then the bearings will be tiny,
The new campy over torque is a great crank weight and stiffness with plenty of quality bb to suit but seriously fucked it by needing two tools to install and remove.
I almost bought them but fuck it looks like a pain in the ass.

I’m just going to blindly jump into this arguement.

I’ve got to install a press fit bb (campy to bbright) shortly, so I refered to my ever so handy loctite ‘Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Guide & Product selector’ book (it’s a great read).

Therefore if I use a retaining compound (609/641) with an activator/primer (7471 for 609 and 7949 for 641) I should be able to get a really good augmented press fit that can still be disassembled.
Now this doesn’t seem like an overly hard process to me? Could all press fit issues be attributed to shit/incorrect installation?

No … it’s due to an industry that needs to keep inventing new standards to make old ones obsolete and therefore keep selling new product. Threaded BB’s were never an issue until the engineers were forced to play the rules of the marketing dept’s and their premise of lighter, stiffer, faster dogma.

All I see are parts that wear out prematurely, never work as they should or seem to be an issue nobody has the balls to take the blame for … all in the name of progress.

bicycle industry: replace simple solution’s that work with complex, expensive one’s that don’t.

Not all problems are install problems but yes some are,
As like any thing there is a lot of dodgy bike mechanics that don’t know what grease,anti seize, oil, carbon paste should be used for.
The bbright is a bad design and you will need the campy bbright cups.
The problem is campy don’t make a big enough lip to press into the frame so there is little surface for the cup to be supported and they will move around and make noise eventually.
Is this a cervelo ?
I love it that they are all called bb standards we now even have a new mtb rear hub width standard by trek.