Bottom bracket threading

SO i have just received delivery of a concorde roadie (as described in this thread - and for the record I only bought it because rolly told me to).

THIS bike when arrived, looked like it has recently been ridden through a particularly muddy paris-roubaix, it was dirty, real dirty. I wanted to take it apart to clean it.

IS the bottom bracket on this frame likely to be Italian threaded? The drive side cup is not budging and I don’t particularly want to bork this up, I kinda like this bike

IT is really starting to get to me, the road grime on the bike from all those german roads

drown it with decreaser, let it set. Come back, give it a light tap, try again.

My concorde is Italian threaded. Yours is practically guaranteed to be the same.

Same here.

You did know Italian driveside cup comes up opposite to english cups.

Tighten - Clockwise
Loosen - Anticlockwise

Yup, Italian threaded, bottom bracket is out. Thank fuck I asked, and thank fuck you replied. Thanks heaps guys