Bottom Bracket

I recently bought a new bottom bracket and as i went to install it
i couldnt seem to get one of the original cups out of its place,
it just wont seem to budge, was wondering if anyone had encountered this
problem and how they fixed it. i.e removed the cup from the frame.
i think its due to the fact that the previous owner of the bike was stupid enough to
spray the threading with pain when he sprayed the rest of the bike.
any tips would be much appreciated

if you’ve got a vice, put the tool in the vice and use the whole frame as a lever. or just go to a bike shop.

you’re possibly assuming cause and effect in the wrong order. maybe the original owner couldn’t get the bottom bracket out either. doesn’t help you much though

You do know that most right-hand BB cups have a left-hand thread, so they screw out clockwise? See Sheldon to find out about your specific type:

Make sure you’re turning it the right correct way and if it’s really stuck, bike shop!

Pouring boiling water on it sometimes helps.