Bought VISP frame from ebay

…and when I opened the box I thought the frame was damaged.

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This is not right yeah?

I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into a flame war about buying cheap crappy frames.

you have a lot to learn

Actually, that is right. It’s to make room for the tyre on the inside, and the chainring on the outside.

What’s with that big fuck off sized hole tube thing going through the entire frame? Should it be there?

why not you are totally setting your self up for it…

Thanks Dave! much appreciated

Me too! I’d prefer it if the thread veered more in the direction of your cushions/couch colour scheme.

paging Dylan…

I loved you in Driving Miss Daisy.

damn, beat me to it :smiley:

Does Mum know you’ve put a bike frame on her couch/cushions?



hahahaha quality posting by all, but this one’s my favourite

Holy shit that is one ugly davenport.

In all seriousness; If you’re this unsure about why a frame is built like this, why are you building a bike from scratch? You’d be better off buying something complete and going from there…

I’m not trying to make fun of you, just attempting to save you from further embarrassing thread creations…

maybe he’s just looking for attention…

or you(se) have all just been punk’d

Im not sure if this is a ‘Punkd’ style joke… but being that the members id is ‘morganfreeman’… and the bike is black… just sayin… maybe the frame needs a decal on it naming it the ‘morganfreeman’…

perhaps morganfreeman likes his couches with interesting patterns, to ponder lifes questions while sitting on

And this thread is the reason I hang around on these forums.

But back to the topic, I had a couch like that once upon a time. I found by regularly turning the cushions I created a much better sitting environment from the displacement of the stuffing.